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Nicaragua health care tourism gain importance


North American tourist, that get sick when he was traveling on a cruiser and get healthy in a Nicaraguan hospital, recognize the Nicaraguan health care quality.

Nicaragua starts to make ahead at the health care tourism area, its quality has been put to test on April of this year when a North America tourist, that arrive to Nicaragua on a cruiser, was saved  from dead before suffer a severe heart condition.

James Marsh, who last April 12th 2009 was urgency inpatient to the intensive care room of the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas, in Managua.

Marsh and his wife, Virginia, were enjoying a cruiser trip that leave Chile course to United State of America.

When they arrive to Nicaragua, in front of San Juan del Sur beaches, Marsh (72) suffers a severe lung   and renal edema that provokes him to lose consciousness.

“If those situations are not addressed immediately the patient may die”, commented the Chief Cardiology Area of the Vivian Pellas Hospital, Daniel Rivas.

Marsh has been rushed to the hospital on an ambulance and immediately was attended by a specialized medical team.

He was entered to the Intensive Coronary Care area where he was subjected to medical treatment.

Doctor Rivas explain to “La Prensa” (Nicaraguan journal) that the main cause of the health alteration that Marsh suffers was hypertension problem.

Rivas said, to this situation joined, the fact that this patient has diabetes, an aortic prosthesis and a pacemaker.

Marsh also suffers of chronic renal failure problems, the medic added.

“Gradually the treatment, which was applied from the beginning, allowed both the heart and blood pressure were improving daily”, pinpointed.

Also indicated that “if the patient does not quickly intervened with medical treatment, was difficult for the patient to survive”, emphasize the Nicaraguan specialist.


Visibly recovered and accompanied by his wife, Marsh said he was grateful for the quality of health care that he received in Nicaragua.

Even, he compared the quality and health care that he received for nearly a week, as that provided by U.S. hospitals.

“When I got into the cruiser never thought I would end up in a hospital in Managua”, commented.

He indicated his interest in returning to Nicaragua as a visitor and goes over the touristic destinations of this country, to meet from its traditions till its historical sites.

Since a few years Nicaragua comes working hard to improve and offers the medical health care as an tourist attraction.

Marsh leaved yesterday Nicaragua, on the way to Los Angeles, California, in the company of several family members, included his wife.

“We are so happy, because we could share with both the patient as with family every time we were applying the treatment”, conclude doctor Rivas.