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Hi Mike and Kent

I am sure you have thought about it for whatever type presentations you are making in several US cities but be sure and touch on health and dental care.  This, as you know, is a matter of great concern to Seniors as well as others.  I recall Tom and Terry saying they purchased health insurance for $600 a year and were quite satisfied with the medical and dental care they get.

On a personal note you might relay this story to your audiences.  My dentist here in Tennessee told me I needed one upper right jaw crown and three small fillings which would cost, respectively $957, $313, $313 and $272 for a total of $1,855.  I contacted the husband and wife dental team profiled in the last HOA Newsletter and they quoted me $40, 40, 40 and $350 - for a total of $470 and a SAVINGS of $1,385.  I have been having my dental work done in Hungary (on one of our normal trips to Germany to visit Doris' family) but am going to now have the work done in Nicaragua.
Dale Torrence

In January, 2009 I traveled to Nicaragua to visit my friend Denise Buckner-Payne and to help her decorate her new home in Gran Pacifica. Before I left Oklahoma, I had received an estimate for extensive dental work that I needed to have done. When Denise’s friend suggested that I visit her favorite dentist in Managua, I thought why not just get another opinion on the cost? I was very impressed with Drs. David and Marta Madriz.

They were very professional, kind and polite. They are fluent in English, and took the time to thoroughly discuss the dental procedures with me. They also introduced me to the dental surgeon who works with them. I needed five extractions, three of which required surgery, and two implants. Dr. David and Dr. Marta put together a plan for me with a price estimate that was $8,000 less than the estimate from my dentist in the States.

Of course I had the work done in Nicaragua! The doctors and staff were very professional and efficient. I never experienced one bit of pain or discomfort during the recovery period. I’ll be back in 6 months to finish. Working with Dr. David and Dr. Marta has been an extremely positive experience.

Angie Harrison